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If you are looking for an English speaking driving instructor, you are exactly right with me.
My name is Daniel Biderbost and I have more than 10 years of professional experience. I work together with Steven and I take over the English speaking driving students. Whether you are starting your driving education from scratch, or just need lessons for control driving, I am happy to complete the education with you. Do not hesitate to contact me directly – I will be happy to answer your questions.


Foreign driver’s licences are only valid for the duration of one year after entering Switzerland and should be exchanged for their corresponding Swiss versions during that time period. Early applications are recommended as formalities might extend the waiting period in some cases.

After the expiration of the one year exchange period, you will no longer be allowed to drive any vehicles using your foreign licence. After submitting the application form for a Swiss licence to the road security department (MFP), you will have to absolve a driving examination within three months time.

The driving examination is performed in an automatic vehicle but will still grant you a licence for both automatic and manual vehicles.


All applicans who acquire the learning permit before the age of 20 are bound to a compulsory learning phase of 12 months. It is therefore important that you apply for your class B permit at the right time. If you want to drive a car without an “L” after your 18th birthday, it’s best to apply for a learner’s permit right after turning 17.

19.5 years – what now?

It might be better to wait until your 20th birthday before applying for your lerning permit. If you apply earlier, you are bound to the 1-year learning phase.

The learning phase

The aim of the learning phase is to gain experience. I recommend you to complete professional basic training at the very beginning of your training and deepen this knowledge with private driving. This way you know what will be expected of you from the beginning on and the risk of incorrect habits is lower.


Automatic transmission car Kat. B

Single lesson (60 min.) CHF 100.-
10 lessons package CHF 950.-
Administrative Contribution CHF 95.-

Payment is accepted in cash or TWINT (all open bills need to be paid by the day of the driving exam at the latest)

FIRST AID COURSE (Nothelferkurs)

The first step in your driving training is to attend a mandatory First Aid course. The course certificate is valid for 6 years.

It is your free choice, where you want to attend your First Aid Course.

In most driving schools, the language is German. If you understand enough German (A2 Level), thats sufficient.


You can attend the VKU (Verkehrskundeunterricht) at the school of your choice as well.
my recommendation: Blumer Fahrschule Basel

The Traffic Education Course (VKU) is a mandatory theoretical preparation for driving a car and supports the training in practical driving lessons.

Requirement: In order to attend the Traffic Education Course, you must have a valid category A, A1 or B learner’s permit. If you already have a category A, A1 or B driver’s license, you do not have to attend this course. The VKU must be completed before registering for the practical driving test.

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Driving school Daniel Biderbost
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